Slave Master: The Game an Introduction. #NSFW #BDSM #satire #humor

2016-09-01 09:20

It’s a game that reaches such traditions as to tell you very little of where to go and when. Slave Master is far from obvious in all things, it targets politicians to social attitudes to white slavery to gay bashing.
Sado Maso goes and talks to a King who sends him on a quest where he ends up meeting a woman on a bridge to an old hidden unholy place, to a collision with a politician seeking to something very evil. No not the game.
Some town folk are entities of dirty jokes and some have hints. Some won’t show until you finish another task.
It can still be downloaded here
Can you beat and unlock it all?
Readme file lists all the limitations and allowances.

Game: Windows PC; Not Much Space and Memory; Donateware Edition; Rate N for Not A Baby Sitter

Mental Midget Slayer

PC, donate


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