A Frog, a Pony, and Theiving a Wardrobe #dq8 #DragonQuest8 #3ds #new3ds

2017-01-24 18:12

You are a king, you wander to a town, seems you seek a Sorcerer. This happens to be a Jester, not a reflection on the Comedian The Black Jester, no one is seeking that funny man. Seems he burnt his teachers house and the carnage never ends. Can you get strong enough to face him as he steals power and destroys in his Journey.
Well if that Frog King of yours tells you, you must get that strong.

But the villain may be a Square/Enix who killed the top down, birds eye view. Especially since 9 (Sentinels in the Sky) had the more classic look. Also the street pass thing is pretty sad, not much thought came to it. It’s rather uninspired. Post cards, snap shots and a man with a photographic missions with some good prizes, some, pffff……

But for it’s failing, it does have a rather redeeming story, as I play out a bit earlier. There are two NPCs from PS2 that are now playable and you can up a character’s “Sex Appeal” so as to anger feminist whiners.
Looks like it will have some free download content in the future, although not sure. There is nothing yet.

Save Trodain, buy it for the 3ds.

No Advance Copy, not paid by company to mention (not bad) or to approve of it (bad).

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