Nintendo Lied: Salmon Run #NintendoSwitch #Splatoon2 #Nintendo #QoL

2017-08-02 16:03

It’s hard to say I was taken, I was made a fool of, and usually my instincts are right. Including my instincts about the lousy left Joypad and overly small controls. It physically harmed my left thumb and shoulder. It is not a QoL product like the Wii U or 3ds could be considered. Or most Nintendo Systems on the controller end.
I was right, and I was adamant about not getting one, like the N64, and the N64 I didn’t have, I had a Play Station. I got a Game Cube cheep and late, and wish I didn’t. But I was mad at Nintendo for surrendering the SNES too soon.

Now, however, I am fuming mad at Nintendo. Who made Salmon Run look like an awesome multiplayer function that would test your reason for getting their internet service next year, in other words they never once said it was a purely local system. Not even a friend list thing. Oddly enough the Friend List is the easiest and most awesome system, it really does connect you with your other app and System buddies.

Salmon Run was a mislead, if not an out and out lie. It goes unplayed now, because no one near here has the device/game. My friends from Paris to Japan can’t join in, in fact Japan and the West are completely cut out of all Splatoon events.

I paid 399.99 CDN, and 79.99 CDN (game) to play Salmon run above all. Even knowing the mistake that is their controller design (Joypad and Pro). Didn’t know it would harm me physically. But given my gaming history, I could always count on Nintendo.
Well more than any of the other outfits out there.

You failed me, and I take this personally. It wasn’t just a Business fuck up, you caused a personal hurt Nintendo. Bailing on the SNES too soon was just a Business mistake.

Fuck you Nintendo.

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