A Slight Correction: Salmon Run #nintendoswitch #splatoon2 #salmonrun

2017-08-03 06:49

Okay, for one, there is no advanced copies and crap coming here, in some ways it may be a good thing.
Never know what can happen.
Another, no Instruction Booklets, hell even the Switch has no instruction booklet.
So I was surprised today, walking up to where I saw nothing before on the second day of this news broadcast about Grazzo Industries.
Seems Nintendo was so big on telling us what to expect they didn’t tell us it didn’t unlock on Day 1. So all is better, just wish they’d not omit things that can kick them in the shins, I am just glad I am not so much the chump. Although my hands do hurt, since I do love this game, and hate the damn controllers. The right half of the controller more than the left.
No, that wasn’t a political joke.

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