Salmon Run: Pure Genious

2017-08-12 12:49

It’s hard to believe it isn’t it’s own game, it would be easier to find then the seemingly back drop like environment it’s located in.
Yes Splatoon 2 is great fun, although I rather miss Mahi Mahi and the Museum, maybe they unlock with time. Some old stages didn’t need changing either.
What is absolutely the selling point for me, was Salmon Run.
It took a long time to find it, and oddly enough it looked like it only existed in the local play room. But when I found it, behind the Marie port hole (Single Player Mode Access Point). When I found it, it was fun as hell and it takes a little will to even play the best Team vs Team, Turf War.
Battles with crazy Salmon, some with a pun weapon, a Fry(ing) Pan. Oh don’t discount the little guys if your too close to the water.

Hints, try and make sure to help your fellow player when knocked out, try to avoid being near the water alone or at all, keep watch, and with 3 eggs down, one can guard while 3 collect. There is no shame in guarding the collectors and eggs.
It’s all about killing the small Fry to bigger Chum and the Bosses who carry the Golden Eggs that fill your quota. Even some of my worst team ups have managed a little over quota, although a lot of times, some of the best got knocked out in high tide.
Beware the fast Mirror Ball like Char, forgot his name. But that is a night time rapid movement mode it hits some times.

It is awesome. It was worth the Switch, and this is my policy. Reason why I don’t have a PS4 or a Xbox. The 1st Party offerings, not worth it. Nintendo always has a good 1st Party offering. A few.

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Console, Switch


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