NIntendo's Mistake: Pro Controllers #WiiU #NintendoSwitch #ProController

2017-08-12 13:03

It occurs to me, handling the Switch Pro Controller, that this hurts may hand and wrist less (as a larger than average man, almost Morphan like).
The lower stick on the right and tight zr and zl buttons are a bit rough (but a bit better done than the XBox controller).
The great mistake Nintendo did with the Wii U and Nintendo Switch, is they didn’t bundle it with the Pro Controller. Instead they added the luxury instead.

They could have knocked off 99 bucks, and sold it with the Pro Controller (Switch) and sold the mobility option (Joy Pads) for 100 bucks or more. What one could call the gimmick option. Which is what they called the Wii U control pad with the Screen, something I would have got for first and second player if possible. I liked it because it worked perfect with my hands.

Could have gone with “Game Included” instead of “Controller Included” too. Since some of us can be fickle about our controller choices.

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