Ever Oasis: Fun Till The Last Drop. #EverOasis #Nintendo #New3ds #3ds #2ds

2017-08-12 13:13

Evil Attacks an Oasis, your Brother sends your wind wielding ass off to the world. This wind is designed to cast off this world dominating nihilist event called “The Chaos.”
You must build your own knew Oasis as a safe sanctuary for lost capitalists, warriors, and treasure hunters (including Miners and Diggers).
But what is this? Chaos attacks, there is a thing called Lumite, can you get it in time?
It is sort of like a dungeon crawler with a Actraiser feel (a game where you play an Angel that revives a town: NES) although that protagonist didn’t live in the town and do a load of favors for the Seedling Capitalists.
Only thing that misses the mark, no multiworld option to allow 2 other players to join you online.

Mental Midget Slayer

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