Bait and Switch: #MK8D Nerfed and Stuff... #NintendoSwitch #WiiU #MKTV

2017-09-01 22:02

I played Mario Kart 8 in it’s original form even post DLC packages.
It seems they nerfed the races so it’s almost impossible to fly off the sides, lots of annoying corrective steering, even when it’s not actually correcting a mistake.
Going off road can’t be done in some spot.
I notice they still can’t stop people from materializing in front of you online.

Even have a suspicious clone situation in online races. Nice battle changes, but not that important to me.
It’s nice to have the load speed of a card and not an optical disc, but what happened to MKTV? On the Switch MKTV is just you, not even friend list races. Not even a change from Youtube to Twitch or Twitch Premium.
It didn’t even start off or get added to the Switch phone app.
It’s hardly Deluxe, just what is honestly referred to as “Complete” by the makers and distributors of Disigea 5 Complete. Well without that MKTV it’s maybe a balancing act.

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