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2017-09-22 21:42

Perhaps it’s a family member of special concern, but when you have a game where you can kill a guy who abuses Strippers, you have a winner.
The creator of hopefully a Bravely Third as well as Default and Second brought this new gem. If it’s as good as the demo or better (like the Bravely FFs), with a more visible font. Well I hope I can have time for all 8 characters.

You can join the others too, it seems, be nice if they add a story based reason for that, but with the other option, the Knight. You kill off thieves, less gratifying but dueling and level farming is worth it. Some strong villagers have very good stuff for you.

I love Splatoon 2, but more and more I think they could have done it for the Switch, Square is reminding me why I buy more Software of theirs than anyone’s from Nintendo to Steam. Frankly if Square set up a console it would be tempting.

But Square, how about a FF9 on Switch without the Disc needed blocks (some areas near the end are blocked because it started as a multi-disc game).

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