For a Limited Time: Discount. #slavemaster #onlyfans

2017-10-07 19:30

Ok, more of a mood based arbitrary refund.
As previously announced the game, due to Greenlight and Steam’s pointless changes (even with the votes to be on Steam) I moved Slave Master to my Comedian Only Fans page.
Yeah it seems only porn related, but actually it isn’t the rule, and I’d likely make more money and mob connections in Vegas than as a Comedian (The Black Jester) if I was in Porn.
But now if you download and from the Only Fans page link I will return part of the money, depending on my mood.
Try adding a review that shows you really played it, that could help. It could be one star, but Jimquisition had a chance to play it, and he just decided to pass judgement without. Really, I offered the limey a free copy with no strings.

I’d have to be able to confirm you got it and there. If lets say I ran it on claim, well we’d have an issue (this is first or only only fan payment). Mostly if the numbers didn’t calculate. Like I am in a loss over claims alone. Make sure I know how to send you a paypal like the e-mail or something like that.

Mental Midget Slayer

PC, Steam


Your 2 Coins

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