#SuperMarioOdyssey: Mario Characters In A Perfect Kirby Game #NintendoSwitch

2017-11-06 00:38

Not yet at the Darker Side, but that’s unimportant.
I went through this “Main Campaign,” and it took less time than any other Mario Game I played since SMB1 (Mario Brothers – Original, was long, but I never saw an end, just a very large score). Further more the Broodals really don’t give you much in back story, just seems like the SMB RPG’s (also longer) living weapon Mighty Morphin Parody. With less of a back story.
No Koopa Kids, not even at the Wedding. Imagine the joke that the big Bella Abzug like Broddal mother walks in and realizes Bowzer (her Husband) was two timing.

There is a major hang up, selling Mario as a good guy.
One, he looks like he set Pauline with a good job running Metropolis (which is a lot like the Movie in many scenarios, and very conformist to her design), which is likely one of his many favors for saving her, no doubt she gives him nothing else, wink.

He gets this hat, he parasitically controls other creatures to make his way along, as opposed to the past where he at least waged an honorable war against Bowser the King Koopa (Kappa).
He’s fighting Turtles, and I rather like them, well now it seems Bowser’s main minion is busy organizing walking and running competitions.
Even the one good mini-game, he uses a parasitic method to do (cart racing).
Perhaps if Cappy popped up and became the Dark Side villain after Bowser is down for the count, and all this time you learn Mario’s mind was under control because of his undying desperation for a little Royal head.

There is lots of decent exploration, but most of it is locked off till the end, and none if is really necessary for a game, I wonder why even have a game with a beginning and middle and end. Just have someone run around a field like and idiot collecting stuff. Just like you can do if you get out.

You can’t die, yeah, you need coins for other things, but really you make more coins in 4 steps than reviving costs. It’s the same madness of New SMB 2 on the (New)3ds/2ds. Except there are costumes to buy, some needed for the Odyssey (no doubt named for a Homer Story) Power System. Somehow the Power System Governs Store Product Availability.

No Luigi, his Clothes are there, and Yoshi comes way too late.
Couldn’t play SMB1 with the breath holding limitations, oddly enough under water is easier than the moon with breathing.
No Bloopers, No Flurries, No Shy Guys.

Kingdoms, no they are not, a Kingdom has more than one town and some living population. King or Queen, useless idle monarchs like Peach. They should have stuck using “Worlds.”

No one even pays me to pay attention to a game on here, let alone give me a free early copy, and I bought this one, hell my policy is if I get a copy in advance for free, and I like it, I will have to buy it, either a new one (for a friend or site giveaway) or that one. Stating “I was willing to buy it,” as a spin on a review thumb up.

No sir, this I wouldn’t have bought if I played through it first, it’s not horrible, but it’s not worth the first run price, wait till it goes back to EB-Gamestop as a trade in or goes cheap, is my recommendation. It might be worth paying 50-60 bucks, if you have it, enjoy what you can from it.
I hate that took time from Splatoon 2 and I am Setsuna for this.

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