#Monado Blade Announced: Possible Click Bating Lie. #RMMS #XenobladeChronicles2 #NintendoSwitch

2017-12-20 08:49

Frankly I am shocked they didn’t pull out a Shulk Amiibo and say, here it is, your key to the Monado Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
It’s not too stupid from a business stand point. Frankly it makes more sense to do that then use a Season Pass.
Just sell Amiibos with Uploadable Content or Unlockable Content. The latter delays the need for more data room.
That whole new story type part of a DLC might as well be a Sequel given how long you wait anyway.

But having the Monado (possibly may have made more sense as the third Aegis like blade, or at least Gramps, if he isn’t he would have made sense as such).
No matter it’s amazing there was no Amiibo aspect on this, like they are killing that like Street Pass (which could have worked on Wii U or Switch using a fob running through the Amiibo reader) and Miiverse.
It’s also amazing the Video Capture doesn’t work. Like that Boreals heart 2 heart with Tora, who didn’t want that scream moment on Twitter.
Deeper into the Story, 4 Rares to find till March or something, when it’s 5, and some side Quests neutered because I lost Pyra, like she matter’s. I had Kora early, and she is much better. Hell so is *** who switches, pardon the spoiler. Given the heal/attack ratio.

From what I gather the disaster felt Bionis and other factors led to exile of one Titan to Space and few rapidly dying Titans (relatively rapid) if you were to bunch the 1, X, and 3 Together, although X was so damn inconclusive you’d think they’d have dealt with that first.

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