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2017-12-20 09:09

Gungeon is Entered, A SaGa is Romanced a Second Time, I am Rampaging Retro…..with all that, Neo Geo Classics and it’s own in house games, it’s Team Ups with Monolith and it’s Bayonetta 3 promise. Just add a game card with Party Hard 1 and 2 on it.
It’s like the best of Steam and Nintendo with a painfully bad X-Boxish Controller, with the Start (+) and Select (-), Home and Picture Buttons in the worse place and right analog stick on too low.
Man I took so many pictures with the intent of hitting select, hit home seeking start (+). Yes, the Pro Controller, the Joy Paddles are too small.
Oh if it just got an Amazon Prime player.
The Switch has a great OS, best ever on a game system, although wouldn’t mind smaller icons. It’s got most of what I want to play, some I rebought despite having it on Steam and Retro City because it went hard copy.
Yes it’s better than the nightmare (after buying the Pro Stick on the side) I thought it would be.
Although still could use some Street Pass and more sequels, less DLC. Also realization by the market, people will end up buying and not buying due to time, 1 player games will Triumph if the system lasts long enough. But multi-player will suffer more from a deluge of games entering the market.
Which may not do Nintendo favors on the online service area.

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