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2018-02-14 13:46

What ever became of Bionis, did it join with the others in the end at 2? Maybe, but the fact that all the years in the past Klaus had another name, one given to a Giant, and controlled by the Driver of the Aegis Alvis.
Also suggesting (as some Nopons like the Sage and a distant Guild members in XC2) that both titan sets existed on different Hemispheres of what I guess is Venus, I presume this, because, no way it’s earth, and it’s beyond Mars.
Some things like Ganglions are somewhat connected to the Mechons, perhaps not all kept on with the love of peace and attacked Earth.

Problems still…the Conduit and the other Hemisphere….

  • Have no Mechon.
  • Have no High Entia (Mira has a Telethia, so it’s possible a solitary Titan is involved here in XCX).
  • Something like Chirkin, but they are still called Tirkin in Tantal.
  • Tormar and Hodes are not around.

Remember that the Conduit was used to make use of all universal species, well not all it seems.

Alvis, he may be Addoms third sword and the reveal in Spring, although it’s a guess.

Nopons, well, clearly they can travel far, maybe it their TARDIS like homes.

It would be interesting to see something, like….opening scene: “…we need to seek the Temple, to the legendpon Hero….” “Leave planetpon,” “Find Tora” “Seek his knowledge….”

I think 2 could have done something with Rikki (it did with Bana’s family and cohorts, as with the Sage), and Rikki could have imparted some tips to Tora. Rikki hoped to travel, and they do live a long time, 500 years of Klaus/Zandza’s imprisonment and contrition would be a cake walk.

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