Heroic Suck: Unlocked.

2013-12-03 16:47

The biggest down side to beating LoZ: A Link Between Worlds (Triforce for the Gods 2 in Nipon – JP; funny still yet to be released there) is the Heroic mode, only good if you want to boost a small ego beyond a reasonable size. Mine is already there, so…but there was no save at end of credits, so not even sure it’s saved as beaten in regular save state. But really, why not keep all you found with all chests already open, gloves even with story going the same from start (given stuff not yet and rupies instead of gloves since you might have Titan Gloves or better than Titan to punch rocks a flower bomb was used for – you don’t have the wrist band at end so wall thing….). Why not let you buy all the items from start, no more renting? Start as red link. Okay keep the hearts at 3 start. Reason they usually are tougher is this trade off. Especially since, if a regular armored Link would lose 2 hearts on a single hit, then big bolder or ball would take all three and week boss way more than you have, like 5, even Yuga at first meeting. May be a good idea to have special items even a wikia wouldn’t spoil, like new armor and lv 5 master sword (also put back at end).

Mental Midget Slayer

3DS, LoZ


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