DLC Woes: Mario Kart 8: Part 1

2014-09-11 01:41

Letter to Nintendo Support (Purpose, to learn what we haven’t been told):
I like playing as Black Shy Guy, but, I have my doubts about the pre-ordered 22GB (mentioned after I decided not in the sales pitch) DLC in which the only part I like is a Shy Guy color scheme selection. F-Zero and Link, what do they have to do with Mario? Wanted it to write about it. I figuring I have all I need to know. The fact it costs more than 12ish but that it may cost a whole new external HD at min. sold at TBs at min 100 CDN. No one sold it at the big picture.
This is the story. Is it possible to refund before, not saying I will since the other part, is I can’t play the whole online gambit without it, assuming it runs online, but I am guessing like with Fire Emblem and the Dread Scroll street pass, without you can’t play with the passers. Or in this case holds back the online experience with people who have it and those who do. If it isn’t online too, then it’s also a rip off. Characters and Vehicles aren’t much the tracks (that could have been on the original disk at 5 to 10 bucks more if that) it’s a subtle arm twist for what could have been or could be (in sequel terms). Will corporate admit this? Or is there a better argument to keep it? Why it is enjoyable to more than a short sighten focus group?

Part II will come upon response…..(may be a bit of a series)…

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