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2014-10-21 20:19

Burial at sea was so awesome. well it proved my point, that when the DLC is better than the game (could have stood alone) which makes the game, although with a good narrative about a social extreme until it over does the quantum nonsense and falls into paradox. Basically the DLC makes the game a rip off, as the it would do the DLC (that finishes the prequel or makes it one) if it was better.

Much will elements like a new track or two in Mario Kart 8. If the track is underwhelming it’s a rip. If the track is brilliant why wasn’t it there already?
Could have just released cups that opened on specific dates like a race season for a little fun and have a whole GP score.
Also could have done a lot of things they can pay me for sharing with them in sale share when 9, which they should have worked on rather than DLC. Made the colored Shy Guys and Yoshi with the Merc promo. I don’t know why they didn’t just place a contextually subtle ads on the track. Like TAG Heur counting your race time (not sure why race times aren’t taken in competition as well as trial or why the trials aren’t before each competitive race.

Bayonetta 1/2 will prove so fantastic because they bothered to take care and time. British voice aside, it will be awesome.

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