Mario Kart DLC: My Response...

2014-11-05 17:37

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So the only thing Mario are rehashes and some skins? Rip Off! It isn’t Super Smash Racer or Nintedo Universe Motocross (which by the way is why bikes are horrible, it’s called “Kart”). Is it not possible to get my money back? Frankly now for the whole damn thing? Some here are too easy. Wasn’t called a reshash or multiverse or classic pack. Next time inform before you sell. You should be a more trust worthy company. Sold that down the river.

*It may seem literal but Kart is not slang for a bike.
*Mario and Link have no connections, maybe a chain chomp in Awakening, but more as a fractal. With Wart Jr and all the cookie decor Animal Crossing has more contact like it’s the dream world of Wart’s.

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