Mario Kart DLC: My Response...Post Play (corrected the math on 16 tracks)

2014-11-14 21:34

Too much non-Mario Kart, the Chinese Stereotype Dragon track is the best but also unplacable track, may be a non-anything. A fucking oval, excite bike. Fucking oval! Hate it the most. Zelda one is out of place and Rupies not Coins, put Mario shit in it rather than shill for Hyrule Warriors and you have an awesome track. Guessing the next Animal Crossing is coming may refuse to get it out of buyers remorse on these tracks, Yoshi is a nice ride but not a new based. The ice track sucks it goes on and on with little zzzzzzzzzzzzz…sorry snoozed on it and I paid for it just so I could tell people what a rip off it was with authority. At least it makes the main game less the rip off, because if these races weren’t ever in it, it would be just fine. I paid for focus group crap and a Black Shy Guy (pissed the color skin didn’t start oh Mario suits are skins not new characters) although would have lived with Red Shy if must, but originally thought it came with the Merc. I love the Mercedes Arrow, all I paid for was a product placement I didn’t mind, hell I use it. Just got my gold glider oddly enough. Although they broke the entertainment rule never done without a DLC, leave the audience wanting more, now I want less. There isn’t a GP worth of tracks I’d keep in this if got them one at a time. Went to Bayonetta as soon as I could after this. I don’t distrust Nintendo Console Gaming like the others, but not enough trust to ever, ever, buy anything without all the info I need about the product and no pre-orders off of Amazon (easy to cancel, not like EB and endless ID crap)….
All the original tracks, what did they cost? 70, for the real set on disk. So, 2.92 (70 divided into 24 races) a track. DLC 0.75 a track, it’s 1 per tack if bought 8 at a time. not a great deal if you know something about bulk purchase, see the 8 0r 16 should cost more per track than the 24, meaning if the DLC is buck and half per track the 24 should be less than a buck a track. Granted give it about 20 more for the rest of it on disc. Oh I shouldn’t lose space on my indie/VC space either.

Youtube doesn’t even work with it day one. it wasn’t broke, the fixed it, well maybe they broke it DLC day one by fixing it.

Adding Legend of Zelda and Yoshi was a shilling Hyrule Warriors and the Nintendo Little Big World with Yoshi as well as a sign they may be making a new F-Zero although at least it’s a racing, Excite Bike is a shill for their Remix series. All the non-Mario Kart blows and we paid for a shilling, an ad. Well we know a new Animal Crossing is on some Nintendo Minds.

With corrected math it actually looks worse on the bulk.

Granted said it on Kotaku…..

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