On The Cheap: Dark Siders II (Wii U) and Final Fantasy X/X2

2015-01-06 11:32

Final Fantasy X/X2 aside from Auron blows goats, it has a bad world and only Cid, Moogles and Chocobos are common to Final Fantasy. They have RPGs reading to you now, but the worse thing, is they have subtitles for it, no Final Fantasy signature window for the chatter that in this game could rarely matter. It was bought on the cheep and is too much and if that isn’t bad enough, X2 (not started yet) is not Game Card, not a Bayonetta 1/2 thing. It uses your over priced Vita Memory Card.

On the other side of this, although like FF too cinematic at times, but more reason to be cinematic. It is an awesome puzzle and melee game. Even open source. I actually wish I got it at first release. But damn it is awesome. Argul’s Tomb is not finishing with a reward and stops saving for some reason at the end after, have THq stayed in business I am sure it’d be patched. But the mild annoyances are made mild by the rest. Most are visual oh and stop movement when auto save is launched especially at Samuel’s stage, it has too many auto save spots in some areas like this. It is a game worth looking around and slowly casing things out anyway.

Mental Midget Slayer

Wii U, Vita


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