On the Cheap: Watch Dogs - Wii U

2015-06-02 17:04

It has a good story to it, great play and best graphics work Ubisoft has unfortunately used Adobe Flash for. Less melting it to walls, still some. Also proves that a Batmobile could be run on a Wii U, they just hate your choice at WB Distribution. Rocksteady has no say in porting, if they want the blame, tell me, you’ll get it dished to you.

Back to watch dogs, it’s even the first companion app ever to really make sense by Ubisoft.

Very little freezing also like most cases some invasions and auto saves may cause disc issues. The DLC is worth it when you got it on the cheep, not the cyborge trip thing, the side game….hey want an online trip? Bang,….no…

If you join me (SZLISZE) in a cop fight, hey your alright. You escape and I find too, 50/50. If Ubisoft didn’t at least keep Rogue off the Wii U this would have been worth day 1 purchase (although the DLC would be not, only on the cheep is DLC worth anything). But on the cheep it’s worth a buy as spite or not. In my case it was spite.

Mental Midget Slayer

Console, Wii U


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