Social v Consoles: The Better Deal. #ACNL #Console #Mobile #Games

2016-07-26 01:00

Apps and Social Gaming vs Console Gaming.

Take ACNL, cost me less per day than most games, generally they are an in and out, done the mission, or am redirected to the distraction, second may be
Splatoon, Watchdogs and Ghosts (Wii U) in usage; a lot of Heroes of Ruin and Link Between Worlds MK7 and 8 even FFE and bit of Bravely Default and Second. Party Hard on Steam.
But think of all of them and check of Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Exvius (good as games, latter has a better summon rate vs the artifact soul rate).

But Exvius is one of the best and Gold Tickets come in a 5000 Lapis bin, and increments of 6000 is the closest you can buy for 69.99 I think ACNL and most console games were less that or the same or within 20 bucks of it.
Console games, you also own, in fairness I play mostly DLC free console games, either free DLC or none. ACNL is an awesome case too, they are still supporting it with an added feature of Amiibo use later. But you see a social game calling it “X amount, worth Y amount” and how so? Who values it?
Who owns anything on their, there is no save file even in your control.
Never had an over heated 3ds either.

Point remains spending on console games and to a lesser extent PC on Steam is worth more than spending on cel phone and social currency. Hell, offline/console games don’t even end until you decide you won’t play it any more. Online parts tend to go on as long as there is interest. Devil’s Third is the only I recall losing the online due to lack of interest.

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